Unveiling Where Did They Film The Crown: Iconic Locations Revealed

Embark on a captivating journey behind the scenes of one of the most prestigious television series of our time, “The Crown.” From the grandeur of royal palaces to the quaint charm of countryside estates, discover the real-life locations that breathed life into the dramatized world of the British monarchy. Unveil the secrets of where history was recreated frame by frame, and explore how these filming locations contributed to the authenticity and allure of the series. Join us as we reveal the iconic settings of “The Crown.”

Locations Used for Filming The Crown

The acclaimed Netflix series, *The Crown*, has captivated audiences worldwide with its meticulous portrayal of the British royal family’s saga. Much of its allure stems from the breathtaking locations that stand in for the iconic landmarks and private estates of the royals. Spanning across the United Kingdom and beyond, these places not only serve as a backdrop but also as a character in their own right, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative.

One of the most significant sites is Lancaster House in London, which doubles for Buckingham Palace’s opulent interiors. Given the impossibility of filming inside the real palace, Lancaster House, with its grand state rooms and hallways, offers a convincing stand-in. Another quintessential location is Ely Cathedral, which substitutes for Westminster Abbey during the reenactment of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. The choice of Ely Cathedral is attributed to its architectural resemblance and the grandeur it brings to the pivotal scenes.

Beyond the UK, the production ventured to South Africa, transforming it into Kenya for the episodes depicting the young Princess Elizabeth learning of her father’s death and her ascension to the throne. This international shooting location underscores the global span of the narrative, reflecting the Commonwealth’s reach and the royal family’s international engagements.

Further Insights on Filming Locations

The quest to find the perfect locations extended to Scotland, where the Castle of Mey and Ardverikie Estate were used to emulate the royal family’s beloved Balmoral Castle. The rugged Scottish landscapes provide a stark contrast to the refined elegance of the royal residences, showcasing the family’s connection to the natural beauty of the British Isles.

Additionally, the series made use of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich to film exterior shots resembling Buckingham Palace’s forecourt and other significant royal events. This choice highlights the filmmakers’ dedication to authenticity, opting for sites that resonate with historical and architectural accuracy.

Deeper Perspectives on Location Choices

The selection of filming locations for *The Crown* is a testament to the production team’s commitment to authenticity and visual storytelling. Each site was chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its historical significance and its ability to convey the story’s emotional depth. These locations, spanning continents and embodying centuries of history, play a crucial role in bringing the royal family’s story to life, offering viewers a glimpse into the private and public spaces that have shaped their legacy.

  1. Lancaster House, London – The stand-in for Buckingham Palace’s interiors.
  2. Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire – Used for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation scenes.
  3. Castle of Mey, Scotland – One of the locations used to represent Balmoral Castle.
  4. Ardverikie Estate, Scotland – Another stand-in for Balmoral Castle’s exteriors and interiors.
  5. Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich – Filmed for various exterior shots resembling royal locations.

Through careful selection and meticulous planning, the locations used in *The Crown* not only enhance the narrative but also pay homage to the rich tapestry of British history and the royal family’s place within it.

Exploring the Majestic Filming Locations of The Crown

The Crown, Netflix’s lavishly produced series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, has captivated audiences worldwide with its meticulous attention to detail, both in storytelling and in its visual presentation. A significant aspect of this visual splendor is attributed to the carefully selected filming locations that bring the grandeur and history of the British monarchy to life. From the rolling hills of Scotland to the opulent palaces of England, the series traverses a variety of stunning locales that mirror the complexity and elegance of the royal narrative.

One of the most iconic locations is Lancaster House in London, which stands in for Buckingham Palace’s opulent interiors. Given the impossibility of filming inside the real Buckingham Palace, Lancaster House provides a fittingly majestic backdrop, with its grand state rooms and intricate decorations. Another notable location is Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire, which doubles as Westminster Abbey for the coronation scenes. Its gothic architecture and vast, echoing nave create the perfect setting for the grandeur and solemnity of a royal coronation. Across the seasons, the production also ventured into Scotland, using the Ardverikie Estate as a stand-in for Balmoral Castle, the royal family’s Scottish home. Its rugged beauty and remote location encapsulate the isolation and intimate family moments away from the public eye.

Further afield, the series has also made use of international locations to depict the royal tours and Commonwealth visits that are a significant part of the Queen’s duties. From the grandiose forts of Rajasthan in India to the pristine beaches of South Africa, these locations add a global dimension to the narrative, showcasing the worldwide reach and influence of the British monarchy. Each location is chosen with a keen eye for authenticity and visual impact, contributing to the series’ immersive quality.

Behind the Scenes: Unearthing The Crown’s Filming Secrets

Lancaster HouseBuckingham PalaceUsed for interior shots due to its royal ambiance
Ely CathedralWestminster AbbeyHosted the series’ coronation scenes
Ardverikie EstateBalmoral CastleDepicts the royal family’s Scottish retreat
Wilton HouseVarious, including Buckingham PalaceFeatures in multiple seasons for various palace interiors
Almería, SpainKenya, AustraliaStands in for multiple Commonwealth countries

These locations, woven seamlessly into the narrative of The Crown, do more than just provide a backdrop; they are a silent yet potent character in the storytelling, adding depth, authenticity, and a sense of place. The choice of locations reflects not only the series’ commitment to visual excellence but also an understanding of the role geography plays in shaping history and destiny. As viewers, we are transported not just through the life of a monarch but through the very essence of British and global heritage, making The Crown a visual feast as much as it is a historical journey.

The Historic Lancaster House

Located in the heart of London, the Lancaster House stands as a testament to the grandeur and opulence of the British aristocracy. This majestic mansion, with its spectacular architecture and intricate decorations, has served as a pivotal filming location for the acclaimed series, “The Crown.” Its richly adorned rooms and stately exterior have doubled for Buckingham Palace, providing a backdrop that exudes authenticity and grandiosity. The Lancaster House, with its historical significance and architectural beauty, offers viewers a glimpse into the royal lifestyle, making it an indispensable part of the series’ success.

The house’s use in “The Crown” brings to life the intricate details of royal affairs, state functions, and the personal lives of the British monarchy. Its spacious and elegantly furnished rooms have hosted scenes of pivotal events, portraying the complexity and the splendor of royal duties and ceremonies. The Lancaster House is not just a location but a character in itself, adding depth and authenticity to the storytelling. Its presence in the series allows the audience to step back in time, experiencing the opulence and the solemnity of the periods depicted.

The significance of Lancaster House extends beyond its role in “The Crown.” It has been a venue for important political and social events, reflecting its status as a symbol of Britain’s heritage and diplomatic prestige. This storied mansion, therefore, represents a bridge between the past and the present, making it a cherished national treasure and a key to unlocking the mysteries of British aristocracy and governance. Its inclusion in the series not only enhances the visual appeal but also enriches the narrative with a sense of realism and historical accuracy.

Further Insights into Lancaster House

Exploring deeper into the history and role of Lancaster House in “The Crown,” one discovers a fascinating blend of art, politics, and society. This venue has witnessed countless significant moments in British history, serving as a backdrop to the evolving narrative of the nation. Its rooms have seen discussions that shaped the future, celebrations that marked milestones, and private moments that defined individuals. Through its portrayal in “The Crown,” Lancaster House invites viewers to explore the layers of British culture, politics, and the monarchy, providing a richer understanding of the forces that shape our world.

Another Perspective on Lancaster House

Considering Lancaster House from another angle, it’s evident that this location does more than just serve as a picturesque setting. It plays a crucial role in storytelling, helping to anchor the series in a tangible reality that resonates with viewers. Its authenticity and historical significance contribute to the immersive experience, allowing audiences to connect with the narrative on a deeper level. Lancaster House is not merely a backdrop but a bridge to the past, offering insights into the complexities of royal life and the intricate tapestry of British history.

  1. The architectural grandeur of Lancaster House
  2. Historical events hosted within its walls
  3. The role of Lancaster House in “The Crown”
  4. Insights into British aristocracy through Lancaster House
  5. The impact of Lancaster House on storytelling in “The Crown”

Elstree Studios: Behind Closed Doors

Elstree Studios holds a prestigious place in the world of film and television production, often referred to as the birthplace of many British cinema classics. Nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, this iconic studio has been instrumental in creating the visual splendor that defines The Crown. The studio’s rich historical backdrop has provided an unmatched authenticity to the series, allowing the intricate details of royal life to be portrayed with an extraordinary level of realism.

Behind its unassuming doors, Elstree Studios is a labyrinth of sound stages and production facilities. It is here that the lavish interiors of Buckingham Palace and the intricate corridors of 10 Downing Street were meticulously recreated. The dedication to authenticity is evident in every frame, with the production team going to great lengths to ensure that both the grandeur and the subtleties of royal existence are captured with finesse. Furthermore, the studio’s state-of-the-art facilities have enabled the seamless integration of visual effects, bringing to life the historical context of The Crown with breathtaking clarity.

Elstree’s contribution to The Crown extends beyond the physical sets; it is a place where the magic of storytelling intersects with the art of film-making. The studio has not only been a pivotal location for shooting but also a hub for the creative minds that bring the series to life. From costume designers to set decorators, Elstree Studios fosters a collaborative environment where every detail is painstakingly crafted to transport audiences into the world of the British monarchy.

Additional Insights: The Craftsmanship Behind Elstree Studios

  • In-depth design processes to replicate historical settings
  • Collaboration among diverse creative teams to ensure historical accuracy
  • Advanced sound stages equipped for large scale productions
  • Commitment to authenticity in costume and set design
  • Integration of modern visual effects with traditional filmmaking techniques

Ely Cathedral’s Royal Stand-In

Located in the heart of Cambridgeshire, Ely Cathedral has emerged as one of the most iconic locations in the production of the critically acclaimed series, “The Crown”. This majestic structure, with its towering spires and intricate architecture, has served as a convincing double for various royal locations throughout the series. Its historical significance and stunning visual appeal have made it a favorite among the production team and viewers alike.

The Cathedral’s interior, especially its nave and choir, provided the perfect backdrop for the recreation of several royal events, including the lavish wedding scenes and somber funeral sequences. The versatility of Ely Cathedral’s architectural features allowed the filmmakers to transform it into different settings with minimal adjustments, showcasing its adaptability and the production team’s ingenuity. Moreover, its relatively secluded location compared to actual royal sites in London offered the added benefit of controlled filming conditions, away from the prying eyes of the public and the media.

Ely Cathedral’s contribution to “The Crown” exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between historical sites and modern storytelling. By hosting the production, Ely Cathedral not only gained worldwide recognition but also highlighted the importance of preserving such historical landmarks for future generations to appreciate, both in reality and through the lens of popular culture.

LocationScene TypeSeason
Ely CathedralWedding1 & 2
Ely CathedralFuneral3
Ely CathedralCoronation1
Ely CathedralPublic Announcement4
Ely CathedralChristmas Speech2

The Scenic Ardverikie Estate

The Ardverikie Estate, nestled in the heart of Scotland, stands as a testament to the country’s breathtaking natural beauty and serves as one of the key filming locations for the acclaimed television series, The Crown. Spanning over 38,000 acres, this sprawling estate is enveloped by rugged mountains, vast forests, and serene lochs, providing a perfect backdrop that captures the essence of the British countryside and the royal family’s private moments away from the public eye.

Filming at Ardverikie Estate allowed The Crown’s creators to authentically recreate the royal family’s beloved Balmoral Castle, where many of the series’ most poignant moments are set. The estate’s Victorian architecture, including the distinctive baronial-style gatehouse, and its remote, unspoiled landscapes help transport viewers to a world of royal tradition and solitude. The choice of Ardverikie for these scenes underscores the production’s commitment to authenticity and its ability to find locations that resonate with the historical and emotional depth of the series.

In addition to its role in The Crown, Ardverikie Estate has a rich history and has been featured in numerous films and television shows, further cementing its status as a jewel in Scotland’s cinematic landscape. Its versatility and natural beauty make it a sought-after location for filmmakers and a beloved destination for visitors inspired by its on-screen depiction.

Location FeatureSignificance to The CrownReal-world Location
Ardverikie EstateBalmoral Castle Stand-inScotland
Victorian ArchitectureHistorical AuthenticityArdverikie Estate
Rugged MountainsNatural BeautySurrounding Area
Serene LochsScenic BackdropsArdverikie Estate
Baronial-Style GatehouseVisual InterestEntrance to Estate

Exploring South Africa’s Role

South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes and versatile locations have played a pivotal role in the cinematic representation of various global settings, including those seen in the acclaimed series, “The Crown”. The country’s unique blend of natural beauty, historical sites, and modern architecture has made it an ideal stand-in for other locations worldwide, bringing to life the series’ diverse settings with authenticity and grandeur.

One of the most significant contributions of South Africa to “The Crown” was its ability to mimic remote locales, such as Kenya. The scenes depicting Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Kenya, a turning point in her life, were filmed in South Africa. The country’s wide range of ecosystems, from lush forests to arid deserts, alongside its colonial architecture, provided the perfect backdrop for these historical moments. Additionally, South Africa’s advanced film production infrastructure and skilled local crews have made it a top choice for filmmakers seeking quality and efficiency, further enhancing its appeal as a filming location.

LocationScene RepresentationNotable Features
Cape TownKenyaColonial architecture, diverse landscapes
MagaliesbergScottish HighlandsRugged terrain, natural beauty
DurbanAustraliaCoastal landscapes, urban settings
Eastern CapeVarious LocationsWildlife, natural reserves
JohannesburgLondonHistorical buildings, modern cityscape

The inclusion of South Africa in the production of “The Crown” not only showcases the country’s cinematic versatility but also highlights its growing prominence in the global film industry. Through its contribution to such a prestigious series, South Africa reaffirms its position as a world-class filming destination, capable of bringing the most ambitious projects to life.

This exploration into South Africa’s role underscores the global collaboration and creativity that go into producing a series as rich and detailed as “The Crown”. It’s a testament to the art of filmmaking and the universal appeal of storytelling, transcending geographical boundaries to connect with audiences worldwide. As we continue to uncover the locations behind the series, we gain a deeper appreciation for the unseen efforts that contribute to the magic we see on screen.


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