Discover Where Did They Film Ted Lasso: Behind the Scenes

Embark on a journey behind the scenes of the beloved TV series “Ted Lasso,” as we uncover the real-life locations that brought the heartwarming story of an American football coach in England to life. From charming British pubs to iconic football stadiums, discover the filming secrets and explore the places that set the stage for the show’s unforgettable moments. Join us as we reveal the captivating settings of “Ted Lasso,” where fiction meets reality in the most picturesque way.

Exploring Richmond with Ted Lasso

The heartwarming and comedic journey of Ted Lasso, an American football coach turned English football manager, not only captures our hearts with its endearing storyline but also enchants us with its picturesque setting in Richmond, London. While the narrative unfolds within the fictional AFC Richmond, the filming locations breathe life into the series, offering viewers a tangible connection to the charming town of Richmond. This exploration not only enhances the viewing experience but also invites fans to delve deeper into the locales that frame the world of Ted Lasso.

Richmond upon Thames serves as the primary backdrop for the series, with its quaint streets and historic buildings providing the perfect setting for Ted’s adventures. The Crown & Anchor pub, rebranded as The Prince’s Head for the show, becomes a central hub for the characters, mirroring the community spirit that Ted fosters within his team. Moreover, the lush greenery of Richmond Park and the scenic views of the Thames offer a serene escape, reflecting the show’s underlying themes of finding beauty and peace in new beginnings. These locations, coupled with the warmth of the local community, encapsulate the essence of Ted Lasso’s Richmond, making it a character in its own right.

Additional Insights into the World of Ted Lasso

  • The Crown & Anchor pub stands in for the series’ iconic “The Prince’s Head,” offering fans a real-world connection to the show.
  • Richmond Green is frequently showcased, providing a picturesque setting for various scenes.
  • The production utilizes many local businesses and streets, embedding the essence of Richmond into the series.
  • Richmond Theatre and its surrounding areas are also featured, highlighting the town’s rich cultural heritage.
  • The show’s filming locations have seen a surge in popularity, drawing fans from across the globe to visit Richmond.

Exploring the Filming Locations of Ted Lasso

The heartwarming and critically acclaimed series, Ted Lasso, has not only captured audiences with its uplifting narrative but also with its picturesque settings. Primarily, the show is set in the vibrant city of London, which serves as a backdrop to the fictional AFC Richmond’s home ground. However, the magic of the series is not just confined within the boundaries of a studio; it sprawls across various real-life locations that add an authentic British charm to the show.

One of the central locations is the iconic West London’s Selhurst Park Stadium, home to Crystal Palace Football Club. This venue doubles as the home ground for AFC Richmond, bringing to life the high-stakes matches that are central to the show’s plot. The production team skillfully blends the stadium’s atmosphere with the fictional elements of the series, creating a seamless viewing experience. Additionally, Richmond upon Thames, a scenic borough of London, lends its name and setting to the series, encapsulating the quintessential English charm with its historic buildings and lush green spaces. The streets of Richmond are frequently featured, offering viewers a glimpse into the quaint and peaceful life away from the bustling city center.

Moreover, the series also utilizes the charming exteriors of The Prince’s Head, a pub situated in Richmond, which serves as the local hangout for the team and fans alike. This location, among others, adds a layer of authenticity and community spirit that resonates with the show’s themes of belonging and togetherness. By weaving together these carefully chosen locations, Ted Lasso not only tells a story of personal and professional triumph but also pays homage to the vibrant culture and spirit of London.

Additional Insights into Ted Lasso’s Filming Locations

  1. Selhurst Park Stadium – The heart of AFC Richmond’s action-packed matches.
  2. Richmond upon Thames – Capturing the essence of English charm and the fictional home of Ted Lasso.
  3. The Prince’s Head Pub – A key social hub for the characters, embodying the sense of community.
  4. Goldhawk Road – Featured in several episodes, showcasing London’s diverse and bustling streets.
  5. Elstree Studios – Where the interior shots, including the locker room and Rebecca’s office, are meticulously crafted.

Behind the Scenes at Nelson Road

The filming of the beloved show Ted Lasso has brought to life the charming and fictional AFC Richmond, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. A pivotal location that stands out in the series is Nelson Road, the home ground of AFC Richmond. However, in reality, this iconic setting is the Crystal Palace Training Ground in Beckenham, London. This venue, primarily used by the Crystal Palace Football Club for training sessions, was transformed into the bustling hub of AFC Richmond, where much of the on-field action and heartwarming team bonding take place.

The choice of the Crystal Palace Training Ground as Nelson Road was not arbitrary. Its facilities, atmosphere, and aesthetics were meticulously matched to embody the spirit of AFC Richmond. The production team spent considerable time and effort in redecorating and adapting the location to fit the narrative of Ted Lasso, ensuring that every detail, from the locker rooms to the pitch, resonated with the show’s essence. This transformation was instrumental in bringing authenticity to the series, making the fictional team’s struggles and triumphs feel all the more real to the viewers.

The impact of filming at this location extends beyond the screen, as it has also significantly increased the curiosity and foot traffic around the Crystal Palace Training Ground. Fans of the show often make pilgrimages to catch a glimpse of Nelson Road, hoping to experience a slice of the Ted Lasso magic. This phenomenon underscores the profound effect of authentic filming locations in enhancing the connection between a series and its audience.

LocationReal NameUsed As
Nelson RoadCrystal Palace Training GroundAFC Richmond’s Home Ground
The Crown & Anchor PubThe Prince’s HeadTeam’s Local Pub
Rebecca’s OfficeWest London Film StudiosAFC Richmond’s Office
Ted’s ApartmentRichmond, LondonTed Lasso’s Residence
Keeley’s ApartmentUnknown Location in LondonKeeley Jones’ Residence

The Magic of West London Stadiums

The enchanting allure of West London stadiums, primarily utilized for the filming of the heartwarming series Ted Lasso, contributes significantly to the show’s authentic atmosphere. These iconic venues are not just backdrops but pivotal characters in their own right, each adding a layer of genuine British football culture to the narrative. The primary location, Richmond Park, serves as the fictional home of AFC Richmond, blending seamlessly into the storyline and providing a realistic setting that fans have come to adore.

Among these hallowed grounds, Selhurst Park, the real-life home of Crystal Palace Football Club, stands out. Its inclusion in the series not only brings a sense of realism but also showcases the stadium’s unique architecture and atmosphere, which are integral to the show’s depiction of English football. Moreover, the use of smaller, community-focused stadiums emphasizes the show’s underlying theme of unity and the impact of local football clubs on their communities. This strategic selection of locations helps viewers immerse themselves in the world of Ted Lasso, making the series even more engaging and relatable.

Apart from their visual appeal, these stadiums offer a glimpse into the rich history and tradition of English football, further enriching the viewers’ experience. By filming in actual stadiums, Ted Lasso bridges the gap between fiction and reality, allowing fans to feel a deeper connection to both the show and the sport. The use of these venues underscores the production’s commitment to authenticity and its homage to the spirit of football in England.

LocationReal NameUsed in Show As
Richmond ParkN/AAFC Richmond’s Home Ground
Selhurst ParkCrystal Palace FC StadiumVarious Matches
Twickenham StadiumTwickenhamSpecial Events
King Power StadiumLeicester City FC StadiumVarious Matches
Stamford BridgeChelsea FC StadiumVarious Matches

Filming in Historic Merseyside Pubs

The much-loved series Ted Lasso transports its audience not just through its heartwarming narrative and memorable characters but also through its meticulous choice of filming locations. Among these, the historic Merseyside pubs stand out, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the UK. These establishments are not just settings within the series; they are characters in their own right, embodying the spirit of community and camaraderie that is central to the show.

Merseyside, with its storied history and vibrant pub scene, provides the perfect backdrop for Ted Lasso’s exploration of British culture through an American lens. The pubs selected for the series are steeped in history, each with their own unique stories and atmosphere. They serve as communal hubs, much like the local football club around which the series revolves. This choice of location adds a layer of authenticity to the show, grounding its larger-than-life characters in real-world settings that viewers can actually visit and experience for themselves.

The production team’s commitment to authenticity is evident in their selection of pubs that reflect the diversity and heritage of Merseyside. From the ornate Victorian interiors to the cozy, traditional pubs that have served their communities for centuries, the series showcases the best of what the region has to offer. These historic venues provide a warm, inviting backdrop to the series’ most memorable moments, from the highs of victory to the lows of personal struggle.

  • The Crown Inn – Known for its traditional Victorian architecture and as a popular meeting spot for locals.
  • The Ship and Mitre – Renowned for its extensive selection of beers and its unique nautical-themed interior.
  • The Philharmonic Dining Rooms – A Grade II listed building famous for its ornate interior and rich musical history.
  • Ye Cracke – A historic pub with a cozy atmosphere, known to have been a favorite of John Lennon during his college days.
  • The Baltic Fleet – Situated near the docks, offering a glimpse into the maritime history of Liverpool with its traditional pub fare and ales.

In conclusion, the filming locations in Merseyside, specifically the historic pubs, play a crucial role in Ted Lasso. They do more than just provide a setting; they enhance the narrative, offering viewers a taste of local culture and history. These pubs, with their rich heritage and role as community hubs, perfectly complement the themes of togetherness and resilience that are central to the series. Through its thoughtful location choices, Ted Lasso bridges cultures, showcasing the universal nature of friendship, ambition, and the love of the game. The series invites viewers not just to watch but to step into a world where every location is a doorway to a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be discovered.

A Glimpse into Ted Lasso’s Apartment

The cozy and somewhat eclectic apartment of Ted Lasso, portrayed by Jason Sudeikis in the beloved series, plays a pivotal role in grounding the character, offering viewers a tangible slice of his life away from the football field. Situated in a charming part of London, the apartment is not only Ted’s refuge but also a space where many of the show’s heartfelt and comedic moments unfold. Its interior design meticulously mirrors Ted’s optimistic and affable nature, with warm lighting and an inviting atmosphere that welcomes all who enter.

Decoration within the apartment is a mix of British and American influences, reflecting Ted’s journey of adapting to a new culture while holding onto his roots. The walls are adorned with football memorabilia, alongside personal touches like family photos, which serve as a constant reminder of his loved ones back in Kansas. The choice of furniture strikes a balance between comfort and style, making it easy to imagine Ted spending his evenings here, unwinding after a day’s work or strategizing his next game.

The location and layout of Ted Lasso’s apartment were carefully chosen to enhance the narrative, showcasing his growth and the challenges he faces in a foreign land. The production team scoured London for a setting that would encapsulate the essence of the series, ultimately selecting an area that resonates with the show’s theme of community and belonging.

  1. The living room, where many of the heart-to-heart conversations take place.
  2. The kitchen, a modest but functional space where Ted tries his hand at British cuisine.
  3. Ted’s bedroom, a personal sanctuary adorned with reminders of home.
  4. The hallway, filled with quirky memorabilia and photographs.
  5. The exterior of the building, which blends seamlessly into the London neighborhood it’s situated in.

In closing, Ted Lasso’s apartment is much more than just a set; it’s a character in its own right. It represents Ted’s journey, both physically and emotionally, as he navigates his way through the challenges of moving to a new country and starting afresh. The thoughtfulness put into its design and location speaks volumes, offering viewers a deeper connection to the story and its characters.


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